About us

We train young leaders for high-tech companies and promising sectors of the domestic industry

Lift to the future is a program created by a Russian charity foundation Sistema in order to support youths' creativity in technology, scientific-research and engineering-construction design.

This program is aimed at students who are highly motivated to study natural sciences, as well as teachers of secondary, higher and further education interested in popularization of science and self-improvement.

Our mission

  • Introduce effective models of innovative education for the selection and training process of young teams.
  • Create intellectual elite of the country from the number of talented young people through the promotion of engineering and science education.
  • Develop advanced manufacturing in Russian industry by supporting projects in natural and technical science areas in middle and high school.
  • Prepare world-class skilled scientific and engineering experts to work in the Russian high-tech companies.
The program was launched in 2011, and by November 2012 was approved and adopted by the supervisory board of a non-commercial organization Agency of Strategic Initiatives on Promoting New Projects under the chairmanship of Vladimir Putin.